two aspririn and he's still in my head

it's time to change and you stand back there
step up boy, it's time to change!
To cross over that line to your right of passage
taking the world out of your ass as you become a man
but you were always a man
A man who knew to use his tools on fools who drew
Life from late night cathodes cracked full of static

New and improved
remove your fear boy!
It's time to change

To be what ever it is you were meant to be
A poet whose love was turning the line
Into celebration: The celebration of words dancing in the ears
Like the firecracker tang of jambalaya in the mouth
Toasting to her, the muse, your love
Some say the bestower of critical insight
So run not from change .... he said
Run to it ......Boy

Embrace it

Embrace it and all it's amorphous Boundaries
Open your mind as you parachute through the vastness
Become the fruit of our warmth

So raise your cup up young man
Raise your cup and Drink
Drink deep from it's source
Raise your cup and become
what it is you always
Wanted to become


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