moon poem                    
We drudged, trotted, climbed, fell down
Then stumbled backwards
Looking up at triumph
We remembered something
Something which brought us
Ever closer to the glory of the moon
Standing underneath its power
I felt your touch
The wind swarming all around me
But I did not know
It was your song
The illusion of it all
Breathe through steel
Your breath pressed wet
Against my soul
Breath pressed wet against
The world
The infinite rotation of 45ís
Not turned on
Piles of burnt up tenement
We know why
The caged bird sings
But as for this moment
My friend
Blow your last breathe
Blow it
For it will not be your last
Life does not end with the loss
Of breath
It keeps on
Moves on
And the moon bares witness
To it all
Are these hands
Of time
I mean I heard you
Swarming all around me
But I did not know
It was your song
The jubilee of arch angels
Pulling the one thread
Which held together
The tapestry of life
Witnessing the miracle of you
In me
The reflection of creation
Playing notes in staccato with bravado
And bravo
my brotha

For as we stand
In these worlds
And unknown
Are the worlds
Above us, below us
Along every side of us
These worlds
We live and move in
But yet they are
And the prison
This body
Which shuts us away
From knowing
Knowing what some say
That it is the trickle
Down theory
Monad surrounded by
Astral matter
Formed into a being
Other than ourselves
So if you spelt that out
On paper
It would probably
Equal love
The sensuous kiss
Of wet lips
On metal crayons
Instruments you used
To forge our worlds
While the others used
Cascade and Grecian formula
Your hands smelted iron
Turning base humans
Into gold
So keep on
keeping on
as you will
Through this alchemical derivative
Of superstitions and hard times
A blues traveled through
On worn and tattered shoes
A future which leaves us
Busted broke
When we open our eyes
We find ourselves
A bubble emerging
Rapidly from the depths
Of the ocean
Trying to reunite
With the remembrance
Of what it was we used
To be
The mystery
Nobody called life

A temporary phase
We move through children
A swing which takes us
Higher and higher
Till we realize our fears
That we are much
To close to the sky
And entirely to far
From the stars
Alone in our hearts
In a room of solitude
To be the soulless
Of the sun
And the moon
Bares witness to it all
I felt you swarming
All around me
But I didnít know
It was your song
Your breath
Pressed wet
Against our


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