GarÁon.....check please
I sent my words floating
Little boats
Hand carved from
Traditional drums
Whittled out of destiny
What some call the unknown?
And what was known
Of the unknown
Other than knowing was
But careless whispers
Topped with cream cheese
So we sit down to eat
we sit down to eat
To delight in the sophisms
Of wanton lust
Putting hands to mouth
Savoring the odoriferous
Decay of what
Compassion and sympathy
Two furled lovers
Twisting nervously
In the sweat of uncertainty
misunderstanding that tomorrows
Were just opened ended
Balloons of communication
Which slipped even further
And further away from ourselves
It was now or never she said
But never now I thought

Walking outside
Drowning the past
Wondering at the high rises
In front of me
Trying to envision
This wooly mammoth
Through her eyes
I walked up to the sordid beast
And checked itís teeth and gums
Noticing my shoes for the first time
And you know what
I liked my shoes
I finally felt comfortable
In the flesh I inhabited
Since birth
I finally felt comfortable
With my feet
My steps
My path
My shoes
My life was
Two quarters placed
In a broken cup
Trying to buy my spot in infinity
Only to realize that the double
Rainbow within our hearts
Was just that
The silence which surrounded us
The space between the notes
The love within the hate
As we finally reached the fifth floor
And you want to go back
Back through those cobblestoned ruins
To relive a bloody past that
Lies still born in your hands
Yet you want to go back
To hell
To have tea in some backroom
On a emotional island
Counting poppy seeds
In the dark
Everything for you
That's all she said
And that was dumb
Life was dumb
I was dumb
You were dumb
But we couldnít
Put the Fucking knife down
Cutting each other slowly
Just beneath the flesh
Taking words Ďtil they
Mutated into fragments
Tin can sentiments
Crushed with a smile
I mean
Is it too much to ask?
Not to have to think about the
Things which tie us down
To the bottom of ourselves
A huge ball of shit
That doesnít even matter
Yet youíre always
Wiping your ass
Of course a last call martini
Herds me back into reality
Because the sidewalks will stop Shuffling?
Wonít they
The people will stop moving?
And the days last embers
Will smolder into nothingness
Iíll still hail my cab home
And open the door
To that purple light
Or was it green
It had to be green
Oversaturated with envy
For it always seemed that
You stood silently smiling
With globs of sun
Dripping from your hands
A feeling
I knew I could never possess
Drooling in the corner
I hid beside myself
Trying frantically
To gather the crumbs of light
A rabid dog licking furiously
At the ephemeral
Hoping one day to taste the drops of honey
Before they hit the ground and melted like
I didnít need Amistad
I had you for a soulmate
I didnít need Amistad
I was not a slave Anymore
I was not a slave
And didnít need You
And this machaca burrito styled
I didnít need Amistad
After all
I had you for a soulmate
What was our love anyways?
Other than this big fat drunken
Slovenly coat-check-bookie motherfucker
Passed out at the table
Throwing up sentiments
And regret
Memories no one would
Clean up in the morning
Cuzí who gave a fuck
You didnít
I didnít
So here we were stuck
In our own emotional tarpit
The hinges rusting off
This titanic love
With each step
Into the future
We could feel our relationship
Steadily sinking
Inherently knowing
That our stillborn blue leviathan was
It was now or never she said
But never now
                                              Garcon check please


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