Down the river
Some where down the river I heard time turn tangled tongues twisting thoughts ticking clocks aftershock stands us up on itís Richter scales weighing our personhood not in pounds but shades of brown show us your hands invisible man indivisible for which it stands life, liberty and justice for who this one tooth wooden leg broke down nigga ta-jipping his way through generations bleeding his blues brown paper bag the life he held gingerly in his hand... but his hat his hat was golden like the day. What you want. What you need. Boy get a girl, get a girl look boy define yourself. As the air pushed out and around his one tooth smile, the cars pass behind me adjusting the summerís heat. It was true want they had said about this man. He was alive, alive in his silence wiping his sweat with religion his expression wrinkled like a prune bitter from the lemonade, tart and stark are these images I unfold like a blanket placing them in one of those hidden corners we stumble upon every now and again looking out there windows of truth hoping to see the cracks in the cement dreams we hold tight in our fist only to realize they have fallen through are hands like sand because two tens and a seven is far from twenty-one I know I Stand as testament I mean I would like to testify or at least give my testimony. For I have seen the strange fruit that hangs from these historical trees ripened by hatred, flesh, bone, fiber, liquid, dangling invisible man. Mommy, mommy why is this man yelling at me making me feel small in a box like I was stealing the air I breathe but wasnít this air made for me wasnít I too also meant to breathe to inhale injustice to exhaled a statistic a 3 dick iconoclast wanting white women, religion. Running around making pagan sounds down in a crack house crucifying jazz. Me the one you spit upon with your footsteps of oppression. But I have counted your footsteps and no how many it takes for you to come black. Back to yo self, yo tru self, yo tru-blu self, yo tru-blu-black self and youíll come around. Youíll come around for everyone wakes up at dawn


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