Cecil go get yo gun
Alright they say
Alright they say
Alright den
Here Ize come drooling
Like that Aids infested pitbull
Ripping these reigns of time
From those crusty old hands
You canít smell that
On the television
The wisps of what it was
You canít smell that
Which comes by herbal gunsmoke
You canít smell that
The burning of sage at dawn
Well...I smell it motherfucker
I smell it as clear as the LA sky
So now I am suppose to bow down
Subordinate myself to the guile
Of your hypno-smile
But Ize aints gonna be hypnotized
Mesmerized, ghettoized, or sodomized
And I smell it
As clear as day
You canít smell that
Cuz, prosperity ainít free cheese
And affirmative action canít only apply
When you get accepted to Attica
Or Tuskeegee
Can you erase the ongoing opression
By apololying for the past
With weightless words
Iím sorry
I apologize
Iím sorry
I apololize
Well, Iím sorry
My friend
Mi amigo
Bastard with a fork tongue
But your apology is nuthin'
A rubber rent check
No good
I donít have the right
I have every right
Because these stars donít twinkle for me
And you canít smell that?
The glorious burning
Of wigs in the street


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