Show Title:   Please, Please, Please Donít Go (James Brown- day of the dead altar)

Title:   I tog luos mi dabrepus (I got soul Iím superbad - backwards)

Date:   10/13/2007

Where:   Avenue 50 studio, 131 N. Ave 50,
Los Angeles, CA

Dimensions:   16íw x 7íh x 2íd

Materials:   mixed media found object assemblage, Acrylic paint, charcoal stick, earth, popcorn

In order to talk about my installation, I must first explain my work/process. My work is about the capturing of what I call Wonderment, Out of Reality Experiences (ORE), or just to put it simply, a state of mind. What is a state of mind? A state of mind is a frozen thought, which is nothing other than a solidified moment in a nomadic Identity and the capturing and explaining of a state of mind is based on quantum physics and the theory of relativity. Your body exists in a world that is defined by physical things of the 3rd Dimension (i.e. Chairs, Cars, Toenail cuttings, etc). Your thoughts are things also; however they exist in the 4th dimensional realm of the mind. In the 3rd dimension or physical realm a thing is a thing and that thing can only be represented by language and the context in which an object is placed in, for example a "chair". (A "chair" is a "chair" only because we have the word Chair to define the "chair" as chair.)

A thought on the other hand is invisible, or better defined as energy moving so fast that it cannot be tangible in the 3rd dimensional realm of site or touch. So the common mistake for most people is to think that a thought is an entity unto itself. When in actuality if we were able to take a snapshot or extract a solidified moment of a thought, we would see that a thought is an aggregate of smaller more complex thoughts which could only be explained or articulated in the 4th dimensional language of Symbols. So the fundamental problem of trying to explain complex thoughts from one dimension to another is that the 4th dimensional meta-communicative language of symbols cannot be accurately translated into the literally defined system of 3rd dimensional words. The reason being is that words and language are social and rely on grammatical rules and context to make meaning. Where as symbols are personal and are not bound by societal rules and context to make meaning. The reason being is that symbols are open ended meta-communicative signifiers that transcend the space-time continuum (past, present, future,) history, geographic locations, gender, and the psychological (personal, social, cultural, political). A symbol can exist or not exist in any of the previous contexts. A symbol can be translated into any of the 5 physical senses. The symbol can exist as fact or fantasy. The symbol can exist as truth or lie.

This is where the quantum physics and the theory of relativity come into play. A symbol or an object has no meaning until it has an audience or is witnessed by an observer. And then meaning will manifests proportionally based on the amount of knowledge an experience an observer brings to each encounter with the symbol. So each person who engages the symbol will derive a different or slightly different viewpoint from the next person looking at the same symbol at the same time. To extend the concept further, even if the first observer, in our scenario above, came back to see the symbol 5 days later, the observerís perspective will have either gotten more defined or will have changed. He will have a different interpretation base on the level of maturity in experience and knowledge from the previous encounter with the symbol. So symbols are animated things or oracles which engage in a living relationship with the observer or audience and with each encounter the symbol brings about a new meaning.

This brings us to the found art installation entitled "I TOG LOUS MíI DAB REPUS", which is I got soul Iím superbad backwards. The installation starts with the title. The title signifies the moment at the crossroads. The moment one dies and has to look through the doorway of life back at ones footsteps. I wonder what James Brown saw when he looks through the doorway. Would he recognize the legacy of his soul, the two step, the mash potato? The question was would James Brown be remembered in the future for his public or private life or would he be remembered at all? This is the complex and open question known as James Brown. I mean when Pavarotti died they flew jets across the sky. But when James Brown died he was lost under the bosom of the Anna Nicole smith scandal. So would James be remembered as a beater of women or the dispenser of mother milks thatís cured the blues of billions of people all over the world? Would he be remembered as a shit starter or a pacifier of riots, the peaceful voice of his generation? Would he be remembered as the builder of black esteem, painting a better picture for the eyes of black youth, encouraging them to scream at the top of their lungs "I am Black and I am Proud", or would he be remembered for acting as psychotherapist for the world showing everyone that free expression is the only expression for a sovereign beings. So what will the hardest working man in show business be remembered for, the answer I donít know. Yet, after watching another Anna Nicole smith story, I do know one thing, Mr. Brown. You truly are soul brother #1

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